Welcome to the extraordinary land that is Tuscany, the cradle of art and culture, rich in history and tradition. Straightforward and honest – like her people, her fine wines and cuisine. As sweet as her landscape and as salty as her sea. Art cities of unequaled beauty and enchanting historical town centres adorn her like rare gems in a priceless tiara. Forte dei Marmi, with its warm and impeccable hospitality, golden beaches and crystalline sea, is the ideal base from which to set out and explore all the beauty this region has to offer.

30 Km away: Pisa
The Arno river runs through this ancient Marine Republic, known the world over for the leaning tower that rises in the beautiful setting of its Piazza dei Miracoli, or Miracle Square. The elegant neighborhood that runs alongside the river, known as the Lungarno, is the city’s hub. In order to truly appreciate Pisa, home to the one of Italy’s oldest universities – the Scuola Normale Superiore – and several research centres of international renown, visitors should stroll along the ancient streets of its historical centre. Enjoying Pisa means letting yourself be enveloped by the timeless atmosphere that permeates its ancient streets and squares – Piazza dei Cavalieri di Santo Stefano, the Mercato delle Vettovaglie, the streets in the Borgo and Mercanti areas.

30 Km away: Lucca
“The city of the hundred churches”, whose historical centre has remained essentially unchanged over the last four centuries, presents itself to the arriving visitor embraced by a spectacular stone wall that has remained intact since the Middle Ages. Lucca is surrounded by a natural and man-made environment of extraordinary beauty and it bears witness to the passing of the historical eras: from its Roman layout to medieval feudal times, Renaissance magnificence, the principality of Elisa Bonaparte and the advent of Liberty-style architecture. And then there is the music and the immense heritage, as evidenced by places as well, left by Maestro Giacomo Puccini. Visitors to Lucca will find a very peaceful and civil welcome.

100 Km away: Florence
The Basilica di Santa Croce, Piazza San Giovanni and the Baptistary, the Duomo and the Giotto Campanile, Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Galleries and Palazzo Pitti. Art and culture in Florence represent a world heritage of architecture, painting, sculpture, history and science of truly inestimable value. No other city in the world can boast so many “illustrious sons” – in sheer number and greatness: from Brunelleschi to Vespucci, Machiavelli to Michelangelo. Florence is the city that inspired the genius of Dante and that of Leonardo da Vinci. Not only, but Florence is also a city of enchanting landscapes rich with fine products and stupendous wines, all of the highest possible quality.

130 Km away: San Gimignano
This town of ancient towers and Vernaccia wine is a veritable open-air museum famous the world over for the stunning Tuscan landscape that surrounds it. San Gimignano bloomed during the Middle Ages when it was one of the stops along the famous Francigena pilgrimage road, which also gave the town the splendid religious art that adorns its churches and convents. The evocative 12th century Santa Maria Assunta collegiate church contains Sienese frescoes from the 1300s. Strolling the streets of this timeless town is a delight at any time of day or night.

150 Km away: Siena
The DNA of this lively city is evident in its traditional Palio races and it is rich with authentic beauty of all kinds. Here one can admire such ancient aristocratic palazzos as the one built by the Tolomei, or the Chigi Saracini, and it is here that one of the world’s oldest banks still has its headquarters – the Monte dei Paschi di Siena. The awe-inspiring Catedrale dell’Assunta is famous for its inlaid floors and the many masterpieces by Bernini, Michelangelo, Giovanni Pisano and Pinturicchio that adorn it. Piazza del Campo, the arena for the grand spectacle of the Palio races, is dominated by the Torre del Mangia, the ultimate symbol of the great civic standing of Medieval Siena. One cannot help but fall in love with Siena, with its hidden piazzas, medieval fountains, ancient gardens, narrow alleys and sudden glimpses of breathtaking views.

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